Café de Leche

Highland Park, CA 2008

Café de Leche was developed as a new center of Highland Park, a public hub where the local residents could enjoy high quality coffee and mingle with friends. The corner site and expansive windows suggested developing the long elevation inside the cafe as a kind of billboard with an image of the San Fernando as mountains seen from inside the cafe.

The counter and partition walls are set at a subtle angle, producing a tension between elements that extend and foreshorten views into and out of the café and further activating the space. The long bench and angled walls also maximize space and seating. The deep space is anchored by the children’s play area, which has become a popular meeting place for moms and kids.

Print Publications:
Architect's Newspaper

Mural Installation: Biayna Bogosian, Joel Cota, Brice Linane, Jason King, Jason Prado, Greg Zamora

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Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche Café de Leche
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