Liner Competition

Los Angeles, CA 2008

A proposal for the LA Forum's Liner Competition, 'Flip' accommodates the varied and intermittent use of an existing space through a flexible armature that can be folded into a coded series of configurations for lectures, meetings and exhibitions. Given the site's proximity to Hollywood Boulevard, the modular panels can be flipped to tune the space to varied acoustical needs. One side of each panel is flat, surfaced with 'pinable' material; the other is variegated to resist specular reflections and increase sound absorption through micro-perforation.

As a presence on Hollywood Boulevard, the panels become a transformable security gate, flipping the space's schizophrenic identity as forms of occupation shift. The porous façade invites investigation and engages the public through a graphic translation of the compression inherent to a sound wave.

Project Team: Biayna Bogosian, Joel Cota, Jason King,

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Liner Competition Liner Competition Liner Competition Liner Competition Liner Competition Liner Competition
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