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Sqirl Canopy

Los Angeles, CA 2012

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A temporary canopy for Sqirl, a pop-up cafe and bakery in Los Angeles, this draped structure is the product of our research into interdependent tensile systems.

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Project Istanbul

Unlike a series of isolated catenary curves, the strips are hung from only their outer edge. Each one is attached to its neighbors at its inner end, forming a contingent spiral based on the collective lengths and weight of all the strips.

Sqirl process composite

The dimensions of each of the 98 strips were adjusted using a digital physics engine to produce a layered, twisting set of implied surfaces that both shelter a small courtyard and act as a dynamic beacon for the pop-up cafe.

Sqirl Axon med

Canopy Assembly

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Sqirl Plan


Project Team: David Freeland, Brennan Buck
In collaboration with Christopher Connock