Woodbury Fabrication Lab

Los Angeles 2010


The Fabrication Lab for the Woodbury University School of Architecture was created by enclosing an existing loggia with a series of louvered translucent panels. The louvers, set within the body of the panels, were painted a gradient set of colors to match the existing stucco and cut away with a series of computationally defined arcs to create varying patterns of light and shadow.


1 – Radial Gradient, 2 – Linear Gradient, 3 – Creased Surface, 4 – Undulating Surface, 5, 6 – Creased Surface: small circles, 7, 8 – Creased Surface:large circles


To infuse the architectural identity of the facility with the CNC milled surfaces being fabricated inside, a circle packing algorithm was used to transform a smooth digital surface into a pattern of varying arcs to be carved out of the louvers.


1 – Circle Packing Geometry 2 – CNC Cut Louvers 3 – Painted Louvers


As the angle of sun or artificial light shifts, resulting sunlit gaps coalesce into a coherent pattern of smoothly varying discs before dispersing back into randomness.


Composite med

Composite Interior Elevation


Facade Detail




Photos by Chase Brock